Thirty-Mile Zone and More


1 Like gay porn, to some

5 Sondheim's Sweeney

9 Place for a G-string

14 Carmela of "The Sopranos"

15 Switch ending

16 Prepare to get plucked

17 They poke around in leather

18 Take another tour

19 Rob of "Melrose Place"

20 Anchor of ABC's "Good Morning America"

23 "___ the Top"

24 Tropical hurricanes

28 Sucked up

31 "Tales of the City" author Armistead

32 Eat away at

35 Honest-to-goodness

36 Creator and managing editor of TMZ

40 Club for Sheehan

42 River of Gay Paree

43 Rita Mae Brown's " ___, She Meowed"

46 Oscar Wilde tragedy

50 Kisser of Scarlett in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

53 Othello and more

55 MSNBC host of the show that bears her name

58 "Stop!" to pirates

61 Pancake topping

62 Stringed instrument of Shakespeare's day

63 One that ought to be paddled

64 Where Boy Scouts sleep together

65 Peace Nobelist Wiesel

66 Humped antelope

67 Estimator's words

68 Result of a split in a religious body


1 "Rescue Me" star Denis

2 Depp's cross-dressing role

3 Mr. Ed's owner

4 Handle on a streetcar, for Williams?

5 O-o-o-o-okla., once

6 It may get a licking

7 2008 flick about a priest and a boy

8 Speechless Disney dwarf

9 "Queen of Soul" Franklin

10 Home of the first openly gay Miss America contestant

11 Quick on the uptake

12 Photographer Corinne

13 House seat holders, e.g.

21 More up-to-date

22 Letters on a Johnny Mathis record

25 What you do at the other end

26 Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

27 Where you can see Baldwin do Trump

29 "Meet Me in St. Louis" writer Brecher

30 Denials

33 Change color

34 David Hyde Pierce and peers

36 One to blow on

37 Hans Christian of fairy tales

38 Bambi's aunt

39 "Scooby-Doo" girl

40 Shakespeare's Puck, e.g.

41 Golden Girl McClanahan

44 Tickled pink

45 Mythical bird

47 Loads

48 Vehicle for a moonshot

49 Like Mapplethorpe pix

51 F. Holland Day work

52 Moray seeker

54 Short partner

56 Part of Bob Mizer's equipment

57 Lorre's detective

58 Crack pilot

59 Batman portrayer Kilmer

60 Writer Castillo

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