Jenny and Michelle


1 Brief moments of lovemaking?

5 Enjoy in an erotic way, with "on"

11 Say whether or not you're coming

15 Tie it to become wife and wife

16 Where LGBT people are accepted

17 Early role for "A Beautiful Mind" director

18 Start of Jenny Shimizu's comment about marrying Michelle Harper

21 Mo. of Mardi Gras, often

22 "___ live and breathe!"

23 Org. that likes to shoot off

24 WWII area

25 Pricks

27 Normandy city

30 Melville product

32 Huge opening?

33 More of the comment

35 Just so

37 "Da Doo Ron Ron" beginning

38 "My Name Is Earl" girl

39 "Out of ___ " (Paula Martinac novel)

40 L-word bleeper, perhaps

42 Safari escorts

44 More of the comment

49 Diggs of "Rent"

50 It meant nothing to Navratilova

51 Hearty partner

52 Big exams

54 Broadway understudy, e.g.

59 Joel Cairo of "The Maltese Falcon," e.g.

65 End of the comment

68 From days of yore

69 Poet St. Vincent Millay

70 Target before shooting off

71 Discharge on one's face

72 Nice zip

73 Sample some buns, e.g.


1 Kind of milk

2 Booking for t.a.T.u., e.g.

3 List of fixed mistakes

4 Jeanne d'Arc, for one (abbr.)

5 Balls

6 Morally "straight"

7 Rocky crag

8 Eliza Doolittle's aspiration?

9 "Shakespeare in Love" star

10 Exhibition event

11 Legendary big bird

12 Like balls

13 Lily's ethnicity on "Modern Family"

14 Piece of Kahlo's cash

19 "Till There ___ You"

20 Nureyev's nyet

26 Fitzgerald character

28 Hayworth's Khan

29 Some commuter trains

31 Hun head

32 Rock that's easily split

33 Starch source

34 Foam at the mouth

36 Dick Tracy's girlfriend Trueheart

41 Vein contents

43 "Gag me with a spoon!"

45 "M*A*S*H" cross-dresser

46 Many, many moons

47 New Deal org.

48 "The Children's Hour" playwright

52 Flipper of Nemo or Dory

53 It's used in fake meat

54 Dundee denizen

55 Distant prefix

56 John work

57 NY Met, for one

58 Big rackets

60 "Oh, ___ a Beautiful Mornin'"

61 Luke Skywalker's sister

62 Pet food brand

63 Greek group, for short

64 Cock attachment

66 "The Last King of Scotland" character

67 SSW's opposite

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