Uncommon Bond


1 Muscle Mary stat

5 Current band of the past?

9 Looks straight in the eye, say

14 Biz boss

15 Vanilla

16 Give the slip to

17 Wang in fashion

18 ___ fide

19 It may filter out gay porn

20 Late actor who played Bond, with title

23 Where they yell "Cut!"

24 Ill-mannered oaf

25 Succeed against a homophobic incumbent

28 Love or Cox

32 Strokes from Spencer-Devlin

33 Bulb unit

34 Cheer for Lorca

35 Start of Rex Reed's description of 20-Across

39 Medium skill

40 Miss, to Mauresmo

41 Rear

42 Order more stock

45 Betrayer of Caesar, and namesakes

46 Wear too much Obsession, perhaps

47 "So ___"

48 End of description

53 Allstate rival

54 Buck heroine

55 Rep in the 'hood

57 _The Brady Bunch_ episode

58 "___ off to see the wizard"

59 Jane Spahr's last word, perhaps

60 Wave top

61 Scholarship criterion

62 "Boys Don't Cry" character


1 Troy Perry's title (abbr.)

2 Melissa and Tammy, e.g.

3 Roz portrayer on "Frasier"

4 Tara heroine

5 "Who's on First?" straight man

6 Drain troubles

7 Shakespeare's Hamlet, e.g.

8 Julianne's role in "A Single Man"

9 Eat with enthusiasm

10 "Little Men" author

11 Industrial area of Rilke's land

12 Falco of "The Sopranos"

13 30-day mo.

21 Cut of meat

22 Word before organ

25 Shoe part

26 Service a Dairy Queen?

27 Many go down on them

28 Simon of pop

29 Like a rare baseball game

30 Journalist Harris

31 Hoped for responses to come-ons

33 Like Ellen or Elton

36 Philip Johnson contemporary

37 Sweaty people use it

38 Like seamen

43 Planet out?

44 Stuffed shirt

45 Hit on the head

47 Proclaim loudly

48 Look lecherously

49 To be in Rimbaud's arms

50 Fox comedy with Jane Lynch

51 Humorist Bombeck

52 In the public eye

53 Part of cross-dresser Joan's name

56 Sex orientation determiner, some say

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