SAGE Metro Detroit Seeks Friendly Caller Coordinator

SAGE Metro Detroit is searching for a part-time program coordinator to help organize their Friendly Caller Program who will be responsible for:

* Implementation of the Friendly Caller Program, which includes the marketing of the program and recruitment of volunteers for the program, the training and orientation of volunteer callers. The Friendly Caller Program is a program where volunteers will call LGBT older adults on a regular basis, as a way to reduce social isolation and connect LGBT older adults to needed services and supports.

* Will conduct initial survey of both callers and LGBT older adults and will be responsible for matching up callers with LGBT older adults.

* Responsible for follow up surveys and evaluations with Friendly Caller participants.

* Responsible for Evaluation Report on the Project, based on survey and evaluation information collected throughout the Project year.

* Responsible for reports to the HOPE Fund, which is the funder of the Friendly Caller Program, including the final report.

* Follow up with volunteer callers and LGBT older adults should problems or issues arise with phone calling.

* Responsible for follow up with Emergency Contacts, 9-1-1, when older adults are not responding or answering calls.

* The Coordinator reports to and works closely with the Program Director for SAGE Metro Detroit, who will be the Coordinator's supervisor.

* Looking for candidates who are self-starters, possess good organization, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as phone skills.

* This is a part-time contractual position, working on the average, 8-10 hours a week, which will last over a 12 month period, beginning in September 2017. Hours are flexible and may involve some week nights and a possible weekend (for orientation and training of volunteer callers).

* Continued work beyond this contract period will depend on continued funding for the Friendly Caller Program, as well as the contractual employee's job performance evaluation.

* Coordinator is expected to provide own computer equipment and may work from home for a majority of the job responsibilities.

* Position pays $10,000 over a twelve month period ($833 monthly compensation).

Deadline for applications is Aug. 25.

Interested persons should submit a resume and cover letter to Jay Kaplan at or Interviews for the position will take place after Labor Day. For more information, visit
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