Oscar Saw


1 Fig part over a private part

5 Porter's fuel?

9 Smart-ass output

13 Scat queen Fitzgerald

14 Parrot in "Aladdin:

15 "Is so!" rebuttal

16 Apple Store buy

17 Moby Dick chaser

18 Examine anally, perhaps

19 Start of a saw by Oscar

22 Use a pattern

24 Oscar of this puzzle's quote

27 Denial to a dominatrix

29 Poe poem

30 Drop from a duct

31 "At Swim, Two Boys" is set in this land

34 "Hollaback Girl" singer Stefani

35 Takes away

38 Where to look for the "gay gene"

41 Cannot bear

42 Writer's deg.

45 More of the Oscar saw

48 Holes entered by Minutemen

49 Wife and wife, for example

50 End of the Oscar saw

55 "Aren't ___ lucky one?"

56 Don't go straight

57 Sea eagles

59 Panic place for Jodie

60 Man, as a cruising goal

61 Baldwin's "The Evidence of Things Not ___ "

62 Surrealist Jean

63 Like Scar in "The Lion King"

64 High-speed connection


1 Bloomers worn around the neck

2 Tree on a shady street

3 Jim Nabors' home state

4 Queen, for example

5 "See you later"

6 Island of Diamond Head Beach

7 It makes gelatin get hard

8 High tennis shots from Mauresmo

9 Young ones in an orchard

10 Concern for 39-Down

11 Winter product prefix, in ads

12 Rubber avoidance danger

20 Voice vote option

21 Mary's little lamb, perhaps

22 USA rival

23 Kind of deer

25 Anal insertion procedure (abbr.)

26 Fabric name ending

28 "Let's make it a threesome!"

29 "Milk," when it plays in Mexico?

32 Nation on the Persian Gulf

33 Rex Reed does this to movies

36 Meredith's "Family Ties" role

37 Hopkins of "Bosom Buddies"

38 Amazon, for short

39 Amelia Earhart, for example

40 Tim Roth in "Four Rooms"

42 Like most cabs

43 Ralph of "Shakespeare in Love"

44 Buffoon

46 "Air Music" composer Ned

47 "For heaven's ___!"

51 Word on a map of Israel

52 Lover of Lucille Ball's

53 "Lesbians ignite!" e.g.

54 Family diagram

55 "I Got Rhythm" writer Gershwin

58 Trump-mocking comedy

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