The Heathers, Edited


1 Nick Adams character Johnny

5 "Hairspray" list

9 Heavenly balls

13 "And giving ___, up the chimney ..."

14 Moon, to fifty million Frenchmen

15 Harbor city

16 "Margaret Mead ___ Me Gay"

17 Alfred Douglas' school

18 Bahrain biggie

19 Start of an edited line from the reboot of "The Heathers"

22 "Modern Family" daughter

23 Curry of Rocky Horror fame

24 Suffix with suburban

25 Land of O. Wilde

26 Lodge man

29 Upright, but not erect

31 Sperm homophone?

33 Comics cry

35 "I Dream of Jeannie"'s Barbara, et al.

36 More of the edited line

39 Doesn't swallow

42 On the down ___

43 Judy's daughter Lorna

47 Pleasures oneself, with "off"

49 When repeated, campy

51 Gaza Stripper's assn.

52 "Can't Get It Out of My Head" band

53 "Poppycock!"

55 Patty Sheehan's partner, to golf, perhaps

57 End of the edited line

61 "Exotica" director Egoyan

62 It's for Rimbaud

63 One way to cook fruit

65 Debtor's car, maybe

66 Ziegfeld Follies costume designer

67 Mark Bingham of United Flight 93

68 Very in Vichy

69 Make a hole bigger

70 Canadian oil company


1 Orange tuber

2 Like friends of a closeted person, perhaps

3 Sat for Tee Corinne

4 One-named pop singer

5 Symbol on Bernstein's score

6 Erotic opening

7 Stallion's sound

8 Mauresmo's game

9 Crude cartel

10 Brooks of portraits

11 "War Requiem" composer Benjamin

12 Castro, in San Francisco, and others

20 Soap ingredient

21 Push forward

22 Popular fruit drink

27 Triangle side

28 Boat bottom

30 Pastoral work

32 Experts in CPR

34 Seaman's unit of speed

37 Former NFL player Tuaolo

38 Eagle, on a par four

39 Patrick of the "Moby Dick" miniseries

40 More like Miss Manners

41 Pink Kryptonite, for one

44 Where tops like to put it?

45 Puppeteer Wayland

46 Pull behind

48 Sport of "Bend It Like Beckham"

50 "A League of Their ___ "

54 When repeated, end of a Stein quote

56 "___ Really Going Out with Him?"

58 Med. care grps.

59 Film canine

60 Bit from Michael Musto

64 Put the moves on

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