Tim Walberg: Michigan’s Worst Congressman?

Congressman Tim Walberg, a man with the name and look of a substitute teacher, is an unlikely candidate to grab headlines. Yet after his latest blowup over [...]

Trump Is Old And Tired, But That’s Not What Makes Him Objectively Terrible

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but old people get tired. Which is why disgraced former president Donald Trump fell asleep during day one of his [...]

25 and Out!

I am 52 years old and incredibly corny. As I write this, my final column, I keep hearing television variety show sign-off songs in my head, whether it’s [...]

Re-Remembering Brent Dorian Carpenter: A Writer Who Pushed Boundaries With His Fearless Essays

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my name among the bylines in this paper of some pretty talented writers. I was blessed to win [...]

Lies, Lies — and the Conservatives Who Tell Them in Order to Assert Their Dominance

I know that this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but I have to say it: The folks who want to ban transgender people from public bathrooms and overturn [...]

Biden Declares the Easter Bunny Transgender, Conservatives Go Wild

I am writing this on March 31, the 15th annual Transgender Day of Visibility. All over the world people are celebrating the lives of transgender people, [...]

The Under-the-Radar Republican Amendment That Kills the Rainbow Flag

Republicans did something recently that went almost unnoticed. Through one simple act in 1970, the United States became the world's leader in making our [...]

George Santos Rises Like a Felonious Phoenix From the Ashes of a Dysfunctional Political Party

Oh, hey, everybody. How are things going? Are they perfect and great? Why, yes. Yes they are.First of all, everybody’s favorite pathologically lying gay [...]

Supreme Birthday Wishes to Mary and Diana

Sixty years ago this year, Motown supergroup and Detroit darlings The Supremes had their first of what would go on to become 12 number-one hits with [...]

Libs of Tiktok Fuels Threats Against Schools Nationwide, Endangering Children

HOLD DO NOT PUBLISHThis morning I got a text from my son’s school district that one of the elementary schools in the district was closed due to a bomb [...]

Mark Robinson Races to Alienate the Entire North Carolina Electorate

North Carolina. Have you heard of it? As far as states go, it’s a pretty big deal. So you’d think if you were one of two major political parties you [...]

Death of Nex Benedict Shines Spotlight on Oklahoma’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Agenda

I wish I did not know the name Nex Benedict. At least, I wish I didn’t know the name for the reason that so many of us now do.On Feb. 7, Benedict was [...]